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What happens when I hit "Commit" ? +

If you want to buy one of our pieces, the first step is to hit “Commit”.  At that time, we capture the information required to place the order: Size, delivery address and payment information.  We validate your debit or credit card but do not bill you.

How does this work? +

Patria designs luxury pieces which are made to order in Great Britain. 

Our customers tell us whether or not to make a product.  If a campaign doesn’t get support, we don’t make that item.  This avoids waste and allows Patria to make pieces that customers want.

What is Crowdsourcing? +

Using the power of crowds to make decisions on the manufacture of products.

Our customers tell us whether or not to make a product.  If a campaign doesn’t get support, we don’t make that item.  This avoids waste and allows Patria to make pieces that customers want.

What is a campaign? +

We call each Patria pair of shoes, scarf or sweatshirt a “campaign”.  We design a piece and present it on our website with an invitation to “Commit”.  In addition to telling you about the product we also provide four data points: 

  • Price – which we hope delights – and will typically be at least 25% lower than the nearest competing luxury brand, sometimes less
  • Days Open – how much longer the Campaign will be open
  • % Funded – how far along we are in reaching our production target
  • Target Delivery Month – how long we need to make and deliver the order once the campaign is closed

What payment methods do you accept? +

Patria accepts all major payment cards and systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.  Certain transactions may also be protected by Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code verification.

When do I pay? +

When you hit “Commit”, you’re not paying immediately. We’ll validate your credit or debit card, but we will only charge you when the Campaign reaches its funding goal. No campaign last for more than 30 days, so this is the maximum delay between Commitment and being billed.

If a campaign does not reach its manufacturing goal, it will be canceled and you will not be charged.


What is the status of my order? +

We will keep you updated via email on the progress of your order. For example; when target has been met, when we go into production and when your order is shipped.

You can check how close to target any campaign is simply by returning to the page of your item, and checking the "% Complete" dial.

Do you combine shipping? +

As each Patria product is made to order we can’t coordinate production to ship multiple items together.

Do you ship worldwide? +

No. At the moment due to technical reasons, we only ship to the UK and EU. Please review this guide which lists the countries and methods for shipping and returns here. 

How do I purchase multiples of the same piece? +

Just click on quantity on the order page for each item and select the number you wish to order.  This is the one situation where we can consolidate shipping and you will only pay charges for one item.

Can I cancel an order? +

You can cancel you order at any time from placing the order to 14 days after receipt of your Patria goods. 

Technically you will be cancelling a contract under the terms of the UK’s Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 – but please understand you are fully within your rights to do so and are under no obligation to give any reason.

If we have shipped your product please follow the Returns guidelines in that section.

If the product hasn’t shipped the easiest way to cancel is via the “Order Lookup” link you will have had in your original order confirmation email.

Alternatively you can use this cancellation form.

When will it ship? +

When you back a campaign, there is an estimated shipping month listed on the campaign page.

We will send you emails during the Order process; they will list the expected shipping date.

Lastly, we'll send you an email as soon as we ship your order that will include your tracking number. If you lose that email, write to us orders@patriagb.com 

Returns +

If you wish to return a piece to Patria we have worked to make this as easy as possible.

In the UK, Patria uses the Royal Mail Tracked Returns® 24 service.  A preprinted return label is enclosed in each package and a customer can return their goods via 11,500 Post Office® branches; this is free of charge.

Please read about our returns policy and process in more detail here.

Do you offer free shipping? +

Let’s be honest, the customer pays for postage and packaging whether it’s a separate charge or not.  Our products offer the best value in the market by a significant margin so we have to charge for postage.

Moreover, because these are luxury, high value pieces, we have elected to use a quality logistics partner.  For example, in the UK we work with the Royal Mail (given Patria’s values we are proud to work with them) and use their Royal Mail Tracked 24® which guarantees next day with Tracking, Signature on Delivery and SMS and Email notifications. 

 A full list of our postal and courier charges is available here.

Why haven’t I heard back from you? +

We take pride in answering all questions that are sent our way. We are a small team of five, but we will always take the time to respond to questions big and small and will typically respond well within one business day.

To ensure you get a timely response, please add service@patriagb.com to your contact list.

You may also want to check your spam filter as our replies might be filtered out of your inbox. If you happen to be a Gmail user, our emails have been known to be routed to the “Promotions” tab.

Changing addresses +

You can change the address on an order directly on the Patria website until the package is actually shipped out. 

To change the address, click the "Order Lookup" link in your original order confirmation email and click the "edit" button next to your Shipping address to update. You can also delete an old address after you’ve input and selected a new one.

If you have any trouble, please contact us at service@patiragb.com.

Can I change the size I ordered? +

If the Campaign is still open then it’s easy to change size.  Open your account, click ‘edit’ on the order page and change your size.

If the Campaign has closed then email us at service@patriagb.com and we’ll be able to look at where your order is.

in the production process.  Put simply the later the request, the less likely it will be that we can change the size for you.

If we can’t change the size then you can cancel the order.

To avoid any potential disappointment, make sure you read through our Fit Guide thoroughly and please do not hesitate to contact us at service@patriagb.com if you have any questions.

Deleting old credit cards +

If our system runs into an issue with charging your card, you may need to update your billing information:

  1. Go to your orders page and verify that you've given us the correct card and current billing postcode code information. You can re-enter the card correctly or give us a new card to try by entering that information under the “Use a new card” option.
  2. After selecting the updated card you’ve added and receiving an email confirming the charge, you can delete the incorrect card on your account page with the little delete icon next to the card listing.
  3. If you’re not sure if the charge went through feel free to contact us at service@patriagb.com

Failed charges +

A lot can happen between the day you back a campaign and when we charge you for your order. If for some reason, the charge attempt fails, Patria will contact you and you will have three days to resolve the issue.

If the card issue is not resolved within three days of the campaign closing, our system will automatically cancel the order so we can start production.

What exactly are you giving to Charity? +

Patria Partners Limited ("Patria") will donate 10% of its net profits to the main British Armed Forces Charities.  The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, charity no. 1117794, will receive 2.5%;  ABF The Soldiers' Charity, charity no. 1146420, will receive 5%;  and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, charity no. 1081009, will receive 2.5%.

Patria is also committed to donate 10% of the proceeds of any future liquidity event to the charities, including a full or partial sale of the business or an IPO of the business.

As a new business Patria cannot declare the amount of its donations to its charity partners until its first year of operation is complete.  However, its business plan targets a net profit of £150,000 in its first year.  Should Patria achieve this then it will donate a minimum of £15,000 to the charities.

From financial year 2018 onward Patria will list all its donations, by year, to each charity.

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